Paydar intelligence systems


  • 1. Creating better enterprise solutions

    This product uses Internet of Things technology to stop cyber-attacks by using data in real-time to find ways to prevent them. It can create plans for dealing with problems and make rules to keep the network secure by looking at what the network is doing.

  • 2. Integrating smarter homes

    The most obvious way we see the Internet of Things in action is in our smart homes. A smart home uses special tools to turn lights on and off, save energy, and make sure everything is safe. A smart home is like a small and separate smart city.

  • 3. Innovating agriculture

    The farming industry could greatly improve with the help of the Internet of Things. The number of people in the world is expected to reach 10 billion by 2050. Therefore, governments are focusing on making agricultural systems bigger. This is making farmers use technology to grow crops because of climate change.

  • 4. Building smarter cities

    A smart city is a city that has small devices that connect to the internet and are placed in many different spots, like on lamp posts and antennae. There are many ways to use IoT in a city, such as managing traffic, monitoring pollution, managing resources, finding parking spots, managing infrastructure, and dealing with disasters.

  • 5. Smart Automobile

    The use of technology in cars has led to big improvements in the way businesses manage their vehicles. Nowadays, trucks have equipment that can measure their weight, track their location, and have other sensors. All the information collected from many trucks is put into a computer program called the cloud. This information is analyzed using different tools and made into a picture. A person who manages a group of vehicles can look at this information to check different things about their vehicles.

  • 6. Upgrading supply chain management

    When the sickness went around the world in early 2020, it caused problems for a lot of businesses because they couldn't get the things they needed easily. When companies started working from home, they thought about using IoT for their supply chain management. The IoT system helps managers improve the way they transport goods by making smart decisions about which route to take. This means that businesses can trust that their supply chain will be strong and reliable.

  • 7. Installing smart grids

    Energy companies are using IoT to make energy services work better. We put sensors in devices that measure how much energy is being used, where it's being sent, and how it's being created. This computer system is named a smart grid that helps to manage electricity.

  • 8. Oil & Gas

    In the oil and gas industry, they use something called the Internet of Things (IoT) to gather and study information as things are happening. This helps them understand how their systems work and makes things run better, use less energy, and make more money.

  • 9. Nuclear power plants

    This exponential hike and trade of wireless carriers could be a platform to operate and deploy in highly radiated remotely accessed areas such as Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs). The internet-connected devices play the most significant role to improve and build up a smart NPP operating system. The promising internet of things (IoTs) method has enabled interaction between advanced instrumentation and control devices that contributes a new paradigm in the digital world towards the advanced futuristic wireless networks as 5G or 5G beyond (5GB) communication system in industrial research.